Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life in Pictures

Here are just some miscellaneous pictures from life this summer 
that I haven't shared.

Matt's birthday dinner at Abuelo's in June.

Sarah attended her first dance camp in June.  It was a princess dance camp.  They put their hair up each day and painted their nails one of the days.

On the last day, they all wore their own princess dresses and performed the dances they had learned.  The lighting was really bad because of the large windows, but I managed to get this one.

Before we went on our Nashville trip, Matt decided to take 
Sarah out to wash the car.

She was so excited!  
She couldn't wait to get her swimsuit on and head on out!

There has been more to our summer than just these pictures show, but I wasn't really good with remembering the camera.  I think it must have been sitting in the heat watching baseball.  It fried a few too many brain cells.

Living thru faith,

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