Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just Call Me Grace

I am notorious for doing stupid things to myself, 
but this week hasn't all been my fault!

Ok, so it started out my fault...

Thursday I burned a spot on my arm on a skillet.  I was running late (as usual) trying to get supper ready before I left to work concessions at the baseball game. One thing led to another and my arm touched the skillet.

Friday night I was abruptly woken up with excruciating pain in my ankle.  Undoubtedly, Brian was dreaming that he was being attacked and his arms were all tied up and the only way to fight was by kicking.  It apparently was a pretty vivid dream because he kicked me right on the ankle bone.  It is still a little tender to the touch.

Over the weekend...

children stepped on my feet numerous times

I hit my knee on something, but I don't remember what (this is not an uncommon occurrence, by the way - the not remembering how I hurt myself)

I scraped the top of my toes on the door as I was walking into the garage.

Sarah hit me in the forehead with the front door in her rush to shut it.  When I say that I mean the top center of my forehead with the side of the door because I was leaning out to tell the kids to have a good time at the movie.

And last night I discovered that I either suddenly developed an allergy to bandaids or left it on too long because I started breaking out where the bandaid was around the burn spot.  I needed a bandaid over the burn spot because it blistered up, then opened up and started looking infected.

As I said, just call me "Grace"...

Living thru faith,

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