Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Allergy Testing

Two Christmases ago we discovered that Sarah was allergic to tree nuts.  Monday she had her followup testing and, yep, she's still allergic.

This was actually about an hour or so after they gave her medicine.  The hives were even bigger.  Number 29 is walnuts, 53 is hazelnuts, and 50 is pecans.  The walnut one was wiped off almost immediately and was still as big as the pecans.

After I took the picture of her back, she wanted me to take a picture of the castle she had created.  :-)

You can see her special treat sitting there, too...Chocolate milk!  She only gets it every once in a blue moon and I figured getting your back pricked involuntarily was a good reason.  She was sooo excited!

They gave her benedryl before we left the office and she ended up sleeping for about 2 hours!

Living thru faith,

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