Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our New Fridge

Is it wrong to be in love with a refrigerator?!

Our new fridge was delivered today and I was just too giddy!  The one at our current rental should be retired.  The light may or may not work when you open the door, the fresh veggies freeze, and there is no ice maker (which means someone - mainly me - has to fill the ice trays).

But now I have this!!!

You can also see where I have already painted.  I will have to take a pic in the daylight when the whole thing is painted so you can see the color better.  It's got a green tint, but doesn't shout "I'm Green!". 

Until tomorrow!

Living thru faith,


  1. oh, wow! as we say in Turkish, "gule, gule, kulanan" which translated means, "use it happily". A beautiful fridge and I'm so happy for you, Misty! It has been a long wait; I am confident you can say it was worth it. Blessings on your patience and servant heart. Michelle

  2. It looks great and you so deserve it after having to leave the one in LA that you loved! I love the stainless steel! Congrats! Oh, and from the picture the paint color is nice for the kitchen. Luv, Mother