Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seeing God's Provision

Last week it seemed that we were inundated with one request after another for money. The amount of money we would need kept piling up. I was quickly entering this state of numbness. It was the only way I could keep from just melting into a pile on the floor.

But as the week came to a close, we suddenly were presented with God's provision. The exact (and I mean EXACT) amount that we needed arrived in one day. But the thing that got us the most was not that God DID provide, but that He knew how much we would need and when we would need it. The money we received came from a wedding planned a month ago and happened this past Saturday. A check to be used for whatever we needed was mailed before we even knew we had the need. There was nothing extra, but just enough.

Sometimes it gets a little frustrating that there is never any extra. We make a plan for extra money we know we are getting, but it never fails that a need comes up that it has to be used for instead. But I guess that is a testimony to the song I mentioned in my last post. "Morning by morning your mercies I seek. All I have needed thy hand hath provided. Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me."

God provided the Israelites manna from heaven each and every morning as they wandered through the wilderness. They were only to collect what they needed for that day. Anything left over would rot. The Israelites had to trust God for their provision day by day.

The economy today if very uncertain. Some would want us to put our trust in the government to "rescue" us and to fix the problems. But there is only one in whom we can place all of our trust for all of our needs. That is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We may not be able to see how He will provide, but we can always know He is there. He is providing for us. He is loving us. He is carrying us through each day.

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