Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Boy's Closet & Great News!

First the Great News!

Gabe's scans were CLEAR!  
Thank you, Jesus!

Next scans in 9 weeks.


While the boys were gone in July, I had lots of projects I planned to get done.  
None I dreaded more than cleaning out the boys closet.

To be fair, I had not had a chance to set up any real organization 
in the closet since we moved in. 

1 teenage boy + 1 tween boy = 1 really unorganized mess
So, one evening I emptied the closet. 

Unfortunately, the only place for all that stuff to go was into the already messy room 
(that they didn't get to clean up before leaving town - I'm sure that really upset them).

It wasn't on hubby's plan for that evening, but he jumped at the opportunity agreed to replace the light fixture as we had been planning.

Old light fixture

Hubby making me happy

There was nothing wrong with the original light fixture. We had purchased one on our last trip to IKEA for our laundry room and it didn't work for that location, so we thought we would use it in here (it wasn't worth a 2 hour trip to return a $4 light). The cabinets in the laundry room are hung too high, so one of the doors hits the light fixture.  We will be putting in a pot light, but haven't gotten around to that project, yet.

New $4 IKEA light fixture

After the light was up, we started looking at shelving.  We still had some left over pieces from a closet project 2 houses ago (Have I mentioned we've lived in 4 houses in 4 1/2 years?)

I decided to take off the short wire shelf and put up the closet system we had left.  The boys do not have a lot of hang up clothes (as if they are going to hang up what they do have anyway), so I figured they could use the one long side to hang up clothes.


When I finished the closet, I worked on their room.

Does anyone know why boys cannot throw away empty gum wrappers, clothes tags, or broken pencils?!  How hard is it really to throw dirty socks in the dirty clothes hamper or put clean clothes in a drawer?!

We will be having a sit down, "come to Jesus" meetin' soon...

Living thru faith,

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