Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The tree that did not want to be decorated

I firmly believe that my little tree was on strike this Christmas!  Maybe it's little feelings were hurt because I originally brought the wrong tree to work with me.  (After arguing with my husband about which was the right box, but we won't dwell on that part of the story!)  

So, back my darling husband goes in the attic...

Thinking that I had extra lights in the box of Christmas stuff at work, I didn't bring any lights with me. 

Yeah, no lights...

 I forgot to send one of the guys back up in the attic over the weekend to get lights, so Monday morning I went up in my work clothes. (Why is it that I never can figure out how to get myself turned around with my feet and my hands in the right position without feeling like I'm just going to fall on my head?) 

I ended up grabbing two strands that were stuck together and without thinking, I put one strand on the tree and then plugged it in.  

Of course...they didn't work!

I took them off and plugged in the other strand.  There were a few lights out, but no big deal.  So, I put them on the tree and plugged them in...only the lights on the very bottom came on!

That's when I discovered this...

I'm thinking a cut in the cord is probably not quite up to fire safety standards. 

Not ready to admit defeat, I decided to check the lights on the original strand just in case it was just a loose bulb.  As I went through I found not one, not two, but four broken bulbs (like only pieces left).  I replaced the broken ones with lights from the other strand and...yes, we had lights!

Now, I could finally decorate the tree!  The kids' ornaments have taken over the tree at home, so I brought some of my favorites to put on this one.

Ahh, my Rhett and Scarlett ornaments.  
These may be a bit cheesy, but I have always loved Gone With the Wind.

And, of course, every little girl needs a glass slipper.  
Even those who are just little girls at heart.

This sweet little angel was made by our friends Doug and Julie about 15 years ago!  She has lost some hair over the years, but she still brings a smile to my face each time I pull her out of the box.

My friend Cindy gave me this ornament in 1987! It is just a simple little wooden music note, but it reminds me of a precious person I have known since 8th grade!  I am going to get see Cindy again in the spring when we head to Florida for Matt's baseball camp.  We got to spend about 2 hours together two years ago.  I am hoping for much more time together this spring!

Even the tree itself has a memory that goes with it.  This was our main tree the year we lived at seminary for Brian's doctorate program.  Housing was small and furnished, so most of our stuff was in storage for the year.  We brought just a few of the kids special ornaments and bought this little tree.  

One thing that we learned that Christmas, was that it really didn't matter about how big or elaborate the decorations.  This little tree brought us as much joy as the big one stored 800 miles away.  The joy came from the memories...both the memories we were reminded of as the kids hung up their ornaments and the memories we were making in our temporary home.

My little tree still doesn't have tinsel or a star or even a tree skirt this year, but it's finally up, lit, and filled with memories!

Living thru faith,

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